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Oriental Rug Cleaning

How it all started...

My name is Bob DeMartino, and I am asking you to trust me and my family with cleaning your very expensive wool and silk area rugs. Why should I you ask?

Well... It all started about 23 years ago in Seattle, Washington. We lived just below a large German family; Hilda and Charles Castleman with five kids in an old apartment complex up on Queen Anne Hill. Once a month like clockwork, she would ask us to help roll and drag two very large wool & silk area rugs down the long staircase to her patio, to clean.

I just hated doing this, but they were good people... so I'd usually give in and help. The hardest part was hauling those 200 pound behemoths back up the stairs to their apartment. They dropped food, and beer all over the place and their two dogs, of some unknown breed, did unspeakable things to those rugs that Hilda made us clean.

But in the process, we really learned how to clean large area rugs. She made us use rug beaters to get all the sand and loose dirt from the front and back of the very thick wool/silk fibers. Then we'd rinse the rugs in very clean, warm water after saturating them with a cleaning solution to remove the dirt and food. Hilda had learned this from her great Aunt back in Germany near Wendelstien, somewhere up in the mountains.

After that, we rinsed the rugs again in clean, warm water for nearly half an hour until they came out clean and spotless. They smelled a lot like fresh clover; I really couldn't believe it. Finally, we dried 'em with old house fans to speed up the process. When we were done, Hilda always fed us a big dinner after the job to make up for the hard work. I think this is how the rugs got so dirty...

Today we use state-of-the-art cleaning and drying equipment to make your rugs look and smell wonderful... But to this day I still remember Hilda and all the work she made us go through; And how I learned to clean expensive wool and silk area rugs, really, really well...

Please watch our rug cleaning video and Google Reviews to see how we do it today. Rug Video - Google Reviews

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How We Care for Your Rugs

In cleaning your rugs, we make sure to first determine the type of rug you have. This involves examining how the rug was woven together, the glues used to hold the rug together (some rugs do not use a glue to keep the weave together), the fabric type, and the type of dye used for coloring the fabric. This allows us to make sure we use the proper cleaning solutions that will be tough on the dirt but not on your rug.

Pickup/drop-off service:

Because your rug needs a deep clean, we are happy to pick it up and clean it at our facility. Our process includes the following...

We wash rugs one by one and by hand without the use of any bleach or other damaging chemicals. Our state of the art facility recreates many of the principles of cleaning rugs that have been successful for thousands of years.

We have completed a class in wool care safety, we are IICRC certified master textile cleaners, and have years of experience washing even the finest silk investment rugs.

Our Process...

1. A thorough pre-examination is done with the customer so we fully understand any concerns and also so we can communicate to the customer what they should expect from our work as well as time frame and cost.

2. All rugs are dusted to remove dry dirt and soil before any moisture is introduced. In the olden days they would hang the rug and beat it for hours with a pole to get dry soil out. Now we use a system of floor grids that holds the rug upside down while a machine vibrates the back so the soil simply drops out to be swept up. We then vacuum the face fibers. This is an amazing procedure because the dry soil is the main reason why a rug wears out. Regular dusting can make a rug last forever.

3. Colorfast testing is performed on every color of every rug we wash so we are 100% sure that your rug will not bleed when we wash it.

4. An appropriate cleaning detergent that is safe on the fiber being cleaned is selected, applied to the rug, and agitated into the rug top and bottom.

5. Hundreds of gallons of clear, soft, cool water is used to flush all soil and detergent from the rug. In some places around the world they place the rug in a river to flush it. We recreate this with our large capacity wash pit and sloped flowing water rinse platform.

6. Excess moisture is vacuumed from the rug and we then groom the face of the rug with a soft brush so a soft uniform look and feel is achieved.

7. The rug is then speed dried on our drying tower with strong fans blowing across the rug until totally dry.

This process and facility accomplishes a level of cleaning and care for your rug that no carpet cleaner can compete with. Carpet cleaning equipment and chemistry should NEVER be used on rugs.

Many of our customers have learned that lesson the hard way by having colors bleed into other colors from alkaline carpet detergent, swirl marks from high-pressure carpet cleaning wands, and permanently distorted face fibers from high-temperature steam. Carpet cleaners use oxidizers on nylon carpet with no problem but these products ruin wool and silk rugs. It is also not possible to remove dry soil from a rug without dusting it at a specialized facility.

Services include:

  • Rug washing
  • Pet odor treatments. 100% guaranteed
  • Pickup/drop off
  • Storage wrapping
  • Rug repairs
  • Moth proofing
  • Fabric protector application
  • Underlay padding sales
  • Specialized spot remover and odor remover sales
  • Salvage cleaning

What You Can Do To Care for Your Rugs

While you should have the rugs in your home cleaned periodically by a professional, there are a few things that you can do which will help keep your rug looking great.

First, just like carpets, vacuuming a rug weekly will help keep dirt and grime from getting pushed deep into the fiber. It may also be wise to vacuum the back of the rugs in your home a few times a year. Another step to take, since most rugs are on a hard surface, like a hardwood floor, is sweeping the floor often which reduces dust that could gather onto the rug. Since you want to protect the surface underneath the rug as well, use a non-slip pad to prevent the rug from scratching and damaging the surface.

This also helps with preventing falls caused by a rug sliding out from under someone. Lastly, if a spill occurs on your rug, make sure that both the floor underneath the rug and the rug itself are completely dry before putting it back onto the floor.

Rug History

The history and origin of rugs goes back as far as 5,000 years ago when people wanted something to make the cold dirt floors warmer. The design of rugs has evolved drastically from those first rugs made, but much of the materials used to make rugs and their uses hasn't changed as much. Many area rugs are still made from wool and are used to help make the floor in your home warmer and more inviting.

Types of Rugs

There are many types of rugs, as well as materials that are used to make them. Rugs can be made from natural materials such as wool, synthetic materials-like acrylic fibers, or a combination of the two. The same applies to the coloring or dyes used to bring color to a rug. That's why it's important to have a professional cleaner come in and examine the area rug to determine the best cleaning process.

Area rugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But the more expensive types of rugs are the Persian and Oriental rugs. The difference between the two is important to note. Oriental rugs are made in countries within Asia, while Persian rugs are made exclusively in Iran. Since a Persian rug is made in Iran, it's also an Oriental rug.

This means that a Persian rug is an Oriental rug, but an Oriental rug might not be a Persian rug.

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